Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Giraffe Feet & Ostrich Heads

I don't know many a man who could rock those insanely cool giraffe kicks, do you? This one may be best left to the infinitely chic residents of Milan.

On an unrelated note, there is plainly no amount of poetic waxing or marketing mumbo jumbo that could possibly stop me from rolling around on the ground in fits of laughter after seeing this...

...have you ever?! I beg of you, one of my readers, to please bust out the ostrich nap pillow at work then kindly and promptly send me the video of your co-workers' and namely your boss' reaction. You would be my hero. Thanks.

Brighter than Sunshine

Bust out your sunnies, ladies. Alice + Olivia's Resort 2012 collection is vibrant, bright, and blindingly bananas. Aside from the spectacularly shocking color jolts, I'm especially loving the over-the-top hats, sparkly sequins, and flirty silhouettes! Hello Sunshine!

Monday, June 27, 2011

There's A Party on My Wrist

Last spring, I bought 40 dollars worth of embroidery floss. Yes, the extra dollars I hashed out for the metallics and neons were totally necessary, but unfortunately I've had time to make all of one friendship bracelet, which I promptly gave away. My baby sister came home from college and has a little extra time on her hands. I've placed my orders and hope my wrists soon look like all of the above.

{Atlantic-Pacific | Honestly WTF | Sterling Style}

Millinery Marvelous

I tend to choose over-the-top, brightly colored hats for the "Millinery Marvelous" series like this shocking orange beauty and this widest of the wide brims, but summer's hot hot heat has pushed light, breezy, and effortless to the top of my style vocabulary. Easy style and fresh-faced make-up, enter summer!

{Saucy Glossie}

Weekend Picture Book

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy Weekend!

Darlings, what are you up to this weekend? Two of our very dearest friends are moving away next week so we are regretfully sending them off tonight with a special dinner and rounds of drinks. There will be reminiscing as we keep it classy (is this ever a question? ;) with a bar crawl to our old haunts, certainly laughter, and dancing, let there be lots of dancing!

{Society Social's "Dress to Mingle" Pinboard}

Thursday, June 23, 2011


I'm so excited to announce that my parents' company will be featured on One Kings Lane tomorrow! All my life, I've watched them work very hard and make many sacrifices (hello?! Time with the most wonderful, best children in the entire world) to build their company and really hope they have a successful event!! In honor of the event, I decided to style a sophisticated, Asian-inspired room around two of my favorite pieces in the sale.

Haiku Chair and Black Coral Ottoman by Acacia Home and Garden | Accessories- 1. Aviva Stanoff Rockstar and Champagne Pillows 2. Pieces Brass Urn Lamps 3. Crate and Barrel Sunburst Mirror 4. Pieces Chinese Lacquered Stool 5. West Elm Jute Bouclé Rug 6. Rue Shoot Decor- I love to celebrate!

(So I cheated, Haiku is only available in green, sue me ;) I've always adored the black coral ottoman which features all natural, hand-woven abaca. I also adore the combination of beautiful, natural materials mixed with sleek metals and glammed up accessories so I chose pieces like a sustainable jute rug and a sassy sunburst mirror. I even threw in a little party decor à la Rue for good measure and good luck! Do stop by One Kings Lane if you get a chance :) I'd love to hear what you think, darlings!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hot Hair

It's hot. All the hair how-to's are up, up, up. But can I please get a little of this...

and some of this?

Thanks. That is all.

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What's for Breakfast?

Have you ever eaten ice cream for breakfast? The thought of it used to send motherly toned tsk-tsk's running through my head, but it really does puts the most delightful, not to mention delicious, spin on your entire day! Sure at first that little voice may be saying, "you should know better" or "sugar is bad, bad, bad," but isn't it loads of fun to be slightly irreverent? Start your day on the playful side, and I guarantee you'll love where it takes you ;)

Who says being grown-up means we have to be serious all the time? This "grown-up" version with a side of fruit from Cannelle et Vanille, coriander-scented cheescake ice cream with chunky raspberry sauce, looks seriously mouth-watering whether you're indulging at breakfast or after a meal.

Today's Mantra

{Rodney Smith Photography}

On Display

How do you display your favorite things? Do you use your books and baubles as decoration? My collection needs major updating, but if I had it I would totally flaunt it ;)

{The Coveteur | Lonny | Luxury Monograms Shoot}

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

White Out

I've always been drawn to the dramatics, in choosing interior paints that is. My living room walls are a deep, glossy navy and the room is filled with furniture and accents mainly in blacks, whites, and silver sparkles. My bedroom is dripping in a decadent mocha accented with rich creams and earthy oranges. My tendency to take it to the extreme is kicking in, and as of late, all I can think of is unloading cans and cans of white paint onto every wall of my mini little condo. White. Out. So dreamy and fresh, don't you think?

{unknown|Sara Sjogren}

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Cocktail O'Clock with Kate Middleton

Say hello to the English Mojito, apparently Kate Middleton's tipple of choice. I've muddled up this most delicious, seriously fantastic, cocktail more than several times. The cucumber and mint combined with gin versus the classic's rum are positively refreshing and perfect for the high temps of summer. Throw in a berry or two for a fruity twist!

For the English Mojito recipe, visit Society Social's Vault of Tasty Tipples.

Basic to Beautiful

Accessories are magic. A plain white tee and casual khaki shorts are instantly transformed from basic to beautiful with an impeccably chosen sunnie and statement making jewelry. Easy, effortless style! Do you have a go-to basic to beautiful accessory?

{Karla's Closet | The Sartorialist}

Before & After. Insane.

This before & after features the home of Jessica Wak, design editor of Style At Home. Seriously, can you believe this is the same room? My level of envy for people with this kind of vision is immeasurable. The site alone of the yellow parquet floors would have sent me running in the other direction.

Don't miss the rest of her insanely glam apartment here!

{Style At Home}

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Behind the Lens for Society Social

With the shoot inching closer and closer, I thought I'd share another peek of the team! I couldn't be more excited and honored to have Courtney Apple behind the lens. She has quite the knack for capturing all the sweet little details...

...and naturally bringing out the best! My bar carts are going to be looking beyond beautiful and the hostess gowns, well, just smashing!

To learn more about Courtney, hop on over to her site or check out her blog.

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Friday, June 10, 2011

Hollywood Swank at Luxury Monograms

To see how I LM head over to Melanie's blog!

Darling Melanie at Luxury Monograms asked me how I LM. Of course in true Society Social style, I decided to LM means to throw a swank dinner party. I designed a "Hollywood Swank" dining room around her fabulous monogrammed placemat. I imagine we would float about in hostess gowns, address everyone as "dahhhling", and drink champagne with abandon. Seems to be my recurring daydream ;)

p.s. Speaking of the hostess gown, would you like to see a sneak peek of the Society Social Signature Hostess Gown aka chiffon kaftan? I'll be posting a preview here later today!!!! I would love if you "like" it!!

Kate Middleton Lives Sparkly

A true sparkler. Such style and grace. The epitome of everything a princess should be. I'm positively captivated.

{10th Annual ARK Gala}