Saturday, January 25, 2014

I'm giving away a custom sofa! A $1200 value!

Hi friends! 2014 is off to a running start! The 2nd Annual Project Sofa launched.
It was so fun to work with 10 amazing women who contributed their time and talent to the project. Carly, Sara, Lindsey & Shannon, Kristin, Jana, Lindsay, Liz, Inslee, Nicole, and Mara I can't thank you enough. Y'all all have effortless style and brought it all and more to the table, err sofa!
A new Society Social website went live in the same week and I'm so proud of all the hard work the team: Zoe, Sarah, Colleen, Lawrence put into it. I think it's spectacular! What do you think?
My brother flew up for two fun photo shoots. First with Liz...
Then with Carly and Theodore Fitzpatrick. We had the most fun with those two and their beautiful spaces.
Somewhere in between I came down with a severe case of the flu, but everyone's excitement about the former pushed me through :) Here's a little photoshoot aftermath...whooped, but happy to always have the best support!
And finally-- drumroll--I'm excited to help one lucky winner design a custom Society Social sofa of their dreams!! This giveaway is the biggest one I've ever done worth $1200! Head over to SMP Living to enter-- good luck! xoxo, Roxy *All products shown are exclusive SS designs!*

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Happy Birthday Princess Kate!

Princess Kate Middleton turns 32 today. Like we all need another excuse to be in awe of her statuesque beauty, Alexander McQueen-y-ness, and millinery marvelousness. How do you think a princess celebrates? I bet she has her 30 list on lock! 

p.s. This pinterest board of black and white photos of the Royal family is captivating.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

3 Polar Vortex Activities

This morning a friend emailed me explaining her London town friends are stranded in New York one more day, "What's to do in the city when it's this cold?" Well my darlings, for one who loses her marbles when sitting still for too long, I was ready with 3 cabin fever fighting/cold avoidance activities.

1. Great Jones Spa. $50 gets you a day pass to enjoy the soothing sounds of a 3 story waterfall and all access to a healing water lounge. Luxuriate in the toasty thermal hot tub, river rock sauna, or chakra light steam room, dip in the cold plunge pool then kick back with your favorite glossies and a complimentary cup of green tea... à la Alan Dale. You will forget it is 11 degrees out. I promise.

2. Two words...Hot Toddies. Out of the 8 listed, I think I would go for The Marrow's Black Forest Fire, a spicy hot chocolate with mezcal, cherry heering, and cayenne pepper. Gloves off, hot chocolate down!

3. Comedy Cellar to end the day. It's mine and Alan's favorite club in the city. Ben Bailey made a surprise appearance last time we were there! Located literally in the basement of a building which means small and cozy. Laugh your tukas off while keeping it warm at the same time.
Who's ready to come out of hibernation with me? Do you have any cold weather avoidance activities to suggest? I would love to hear what you do to stay warm and entertained!  

{Last two pics via The New York Times}

Monday, January 6, 2014

3 Super Cool Sofas & My Latest Color Crush

Ever since touring this fabulously eclectic bungalow, I haven't been able to get cool blue sofas (and a bigger apartment!) off my mind. We live here now, and while I love how cozy we've managed to make it, what girl doesn't dream of a little redecorated upgrade ;) and at the very least some natural light! If we ever happen to meet and I'm over-bronzed, you'll know why. I get ready in a cave.

For now I will daydream of a sprawling light-filled apartment and hopefully one day soon one of these heavenly sky blue sofas floating amongst the rays of radiant sunshine!

Sofia Coppola's Nolita Apartment in House and Garden

Friday, January 3, 2014

Spiked Hot Chocolate

Y'all. I am not bred for this type of weather. I'm an Asian Pacific Islander raised in North Carolina and a good ol' southern winter means lows in the 30s and 40s. I woke up on this glorious morning to the effects of an Arctic air mass named Hercules: dainty, gorgeous snowflakes, snow what looks like would be up to my knees, and a windchill of -4. Rude. 
Why does it seem like life is going on as normal outside? Who are these people? And why are they purposely making me feel bad about myself? As I bury my head as far as physically possible into my furry snood and continue to question myself as a functioning human being, survival mode begins to kick in.
Obviously chocolate and booze top my list of necessary provisions. In these conditions, really there is nothing else to do but to lure friends over (for company and body heat) for spiked hot chocolate, a snuggle palette, and a movie marathon. Who's in?

{Spiked Hot Chocolate Bar}