Friday, February 5, 2010

"All About Blue"

(That rug is beyond!!)

I rushed to the grocery to pick up a few last minute things for last night's dinner (which was delicious by the way!), and grabbed a couple home decor magazines in the checkout line. The hub and I are renovating our very first place together so I'm always searching for inspiration! The cover of House Beautiful's March 2010 issue immediately spoke to me! It featured a beautiful, almost entirely blue room, and I began to contemplate the blue rooms in my life- two "grown-up" places and two blue living rooms. 2 for 2! Then I thought about my blog- the blue, pink and white combo just like the overall color scheme of my first place, and now that I think about it- LY's Kentucky Derby outfit too! I've come to the conclusion that I will always love all things pink, but if I have to give my love to another, it would most definitely be a clean, ethereal blue paired with almost any shade of pink :)

Major Loves: pristine white backdrop, ice blue accents, pops of pink, casual space topped with an elegant, crystal chandelier.

Floor to ceiling French doors and my favorite colors! C'est incroyable!!

An easy, breezy take on the combo. Perhaps, a beach-side villa? :)

Very similar, but a tad lighter, to my living room shade of blue..if only we had that beautiful molding too *sigh*

images 1 and 2 via windlost.blogspot, images 3 and 4 via

**note: If I had a scanner, there are several more beyond gorge pink and blue rooms from House Beautiful's issue that I would've shared in a heartbeat. Go get the issue!
.anna. said...

Rox! I'm inspired! I wish I had a place of my own and express ME through colors and decor!

Well, looking at the bright side-I can ask you for tips and advice! :D

Love ya!

Maria Killam said...

The periwinkle blue room is my favourite, wow it's stunning!

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