Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I need a secretary...stat!!

I'm dying for a secretary! Age is not an issue- young or old will do, but the ability to organize while simultaneously being stylish is a must!

Antique blue never looked so fresh!

A new coat of paint inside and out is just My Cup of Te!

This would be the perfect solution for small spaces, which is what I have to work with! Oh the long overdue hand-written letters and absolutely inspired posts, I would write if I had a chic little corner to call my very own!! *sigh* Perhaps I would even add a sweet little touch with a deliciously happy bunch of camellias perched atop the fold-out desk! What do you think loves? Necessary, right?
Unknown said...

Love that yellow secretary! That would jump start anyones day.

Unknown said...

Those are gorgeous! xo

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