Friday, March 26, 2010

In My Cup of Te...

Remember my happy list? Well, it's time to share another item, rather person, who made THE list! Drum roll please (only because she deserves one in all her awesomeness)....

It was love at first song when I heard "Fidelity" for the first time back in '06, and my love for Regina has grown with each song! A few of my favorites, including Fidelity, are On the Radio, Samson, Better, Edit, Summer in the City, and my latest Eet!
She's trained in classical piano, writes her own original songs, and LOVES NYC! I didn't think she could possibly be more my Cup of Te, but then I discovered an interview she did over at Rockstar diaries! She's refreshingly grounded and all around inspiring. Here's an excerpt from the interview that made me love her even more! She was asked what her life goals are besides obviously music...

"I guess just all the things that everybody wants:

To feel like they’re actually doing something and not just reenacting the same thing over and over, and not getting stuck.

Just opening your mind and seeing more of the world and trying to understand how people live and what they think.

All that stuff that will sound really fluffy and disgusting if you write it down. Just be part of the world. Really really live. You know?

One of my big goals is to just not do things out of fear but [to] be really open, which is hard I think. It’s a full time job for people to stay really open. It’s like a second job."

I've always loved her music, and now I'm also a fan of her refreshing outlook on life! Do you love her yet darlings? You really must check out her music!

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh! We're on the same page here! I agree when you say doing something, rather than repeating it, life becomes so tedious and you really waste it!


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