Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Part 2: In honor of St. Patty's AND...

Photography by New Amsterdam

Enter, the Green Room!
When choosing paint colors for our little fixer upper, I wanted desperately to cover the walls of our powder room (ok, really it's just a bathroom, but powder room sounds cuter) in a fresh Kelly green. Seeing as I basically chose the paint for the rest of our place, I thought it only fair that the hub have the overall say in at least one room ;) I did not get my Kelly green, but I did get a happy hub who I have to thank for giving me free creative range more often than most!
With that said, here are some rooms that make me green with envy!

Isn't this just so inviting? Love the pop of pink, patterned rug, and vintage mirror.

For the love of Zebra! One of Kate and Andy Spade's bathrooms.

Green walls would've taken away from the beautiful high ceilings and detailed architecture of this tempting, exotic room! The designer knew exactly how to get this lovely hue into the picture...
Sophisticated green and gray combo in the Manhattan apartment of designer, Amanda Nisbet. C'est tres chic!
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Do you want to run out and buy green paint yet? ;) Maybe one day I shall have my green room!!
jordan said...

i love that bathroom! the shower curtain looks SO good with the green! great blog by the way!

Sniff said...

Gorgeous rooms, and the pink flowers with that green wall looks fab! I get so inspired by seeing pictures like this. I'm only just beginning the makeover of my flat, and I adore looking at interior images.

Shana said...

Loving the green!! Omg picture 4 is calling my name

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