Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Where I want to get ready this morning...

I don't know about you, but I think I would be
okay with it if my bathroom looked like this!

I love how the silver tiles sparkle in the sunshine, the dramatic vase and the impeccable arrangement of fresh cut flowers greeting you at the entrance way, the cheerful pop of pink, and the soft, calming lavender (at least on my computer!) splashed on the walls. It all makes me want to take a lush bubble bath in a glam claw foot tub! ;)
Where are you getting ready this morning?
Linda said...

oh fantastic pink chair!!!

Unknown said...

that sparkly backsplash is perfection.

Sniff said...

Looks fresh and clean, and I too adore the pink chair!

I'm having my bathroom refurbished fairly soon, and then I'll put up some before and after pictures.

.anna. said...

My day would start off happy every single day if I had a bathroom like this! Fyi, we totally carry that vase! Want one? You know where to find me ;). Mwahh!!!

Winchester Manor said...

Oh my divine! That is a bathroom fit for a Queen!!


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