Friday, April 16, 2010

Fashion and Furniture

Which came first?
The chicken?

Or the egg?

The nautical room?

Or the sailor look?

The fur coat?

Or the fur rug?

Animal print dresses?

Or animal print pillows?

Sorry for the lack of attention darlings- I've been working on a presentation illustrating how trends transcend industries from fashion to furniture and vice versa. I'm most likely giving it now at a sales meeting consisting of about 20+ men (talk about a tough audience!) at the High Point Furniture market that starts this weekend. Public speaking makes me a nervous, clammy mess so I hope as you are reading that I'm not stuttering! On a side note, are you wearing an outfit today that reflects a room in your house? Today, I am my living room.

and p.s. I'll try to sneak a camera so I can report back fun finds and new home trends for this Fall! xoxo
thais said...

Ha! I would love to see a pic of you outfit! and what is that nautical room? just plain gorgeous. wishing you luck and calm on your presentation ;) have a good weekend!

Roxy Te said...

Oh Thank you so much! I really appreciate the well wish!! I think I did ok :) I talked fast apparently, but that's not out of the ordinary! I think some of the men even listened! I'm already out of my outfit, but next time I put it on, I'll snap a pic for you ;)

Blogs said...

I hate public speaking! U'll be tons better than I would:) I love animal printed pillows, blankets, throws and rugs:) Soooo pretty! I think the chicken came first! Haha

Punctuation Mark said...

fun post... love the pairings of fashion and interiors! have a nice weekend!

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