Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ludacris, please exit the building..

Don't you love quiet Sunday mornings? During which you can slowly wake up, wallow around in bed with a good book, snuggle up a little longer than usual, and delight in the fact you don't really have to get up if you don't want too? Well I absolutely adore mornings such as this, BUT......apparently my neighbors (and it is a good thing I don't know which ones)

do NOT.

For the love of God, is it absolutely necessary to turn your sub woofers up to that degree and blast Move bitch, get out the way at 9am? News flash: the club closed at 2am last night (since this is the South) along with all that booty shakin', drop it like it's hot music for a good reason- perhaps if you must bump it this early on a Sunday morning maybe some soothing Jack Johnson or perky Michael Buble? It is just not a Ludacris kinda morning if you ask me!!!

Thanks and that is all,
Amber said...

This brings back memories of wolfcreek agh! You can come stay with us and I promise there will be none of that at our peaceful, super quiet home ;) Miss you! Memorial weekend?

thais said...

oh! how bad! some people just don't think much about anything besides their own belly button isn't it? ;)

Roxy Te said...

I like the way you put that Thais!! hahah
Amber, I cannot wait to wake up to the sunrise and the sound of only the waves ;)

Unknown said...

Girl you are cracking me up! Nice to meet you -
Don't drive your self crazy with the career choices, I think we constantly evolve. xx

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