Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Up in the air...

So tonight I curled up on our new outdoor furniture (thanks mom and dad)
peered over the balcony and patiently awaited the planes.

It was a cool, perfect 70 degrees and the construction from the high rise going up beside our building was silent. Although few, the "city lights" twinkled, and in the distance I saw the first set of blinking lights.

If I'm honest, I do this often. I sit an imagine, rather adamantly decide, as to where each plane came. It always goes like this...
Plane 1. NYC
Plane 2. NYC
Plane 3. NYC
Plane 4. NYC

Yes, I know it for sure! They have all come from the city, the place where I have left a piece of myself, unfinished business, and perhaps a piece of my heart.

I'm ready! I'm ready to be on the inside looking out...flying past that very balcony where I sat...waiting.
Aron said...

I love watching planes. Its been an interest ever since I was a kid.

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