Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pizza and Ice Cream

 Sometimes all you need in LIFE is cheesy stolen stromboli, meatballs with NO spaghetti, coconut AND banana ice cream (sometimes a girl needs 2 scoops), and sweet, sweet friends. 

You see, I'm leaving for a big globe trottin' adventure in just 3 days in which time I will miss 1) a very important birthday and 2) a very important "ripper."

AND...although I will ONLY be gone for 3 weeks and a handful of days, I have the type of friends who will treat such a night, a night that should just be pizza and ice cream, like a GRAND farewell. :)

p.s. Internet access will be sparse on the island, but thanks to one of the above, I will be keeping tabs via hand-written journal.  In this digital age, and in the spirit of grace and civility, I have to say some things in life are best written by hand.
Anonymous said...

hope you have fun on your trip! :)

Kristin M said...

awww it was so fun! And the ice cream was delish! And luckily our leftovers made it home and I had them for lunch today too, haha =)
We'll miss you while you're gone. Another "ripper" will be in store for your return!

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