Friday, July 16, 2010

Fresh Fishtail

If you're like me, giving yourself a fabulous blow-out during the staggering heat of the summer months includes the following: watching your freshly applied make-up melt before your eyes, several cool down breaks in order to salvage said melting make-up, and the instantaneous flattening of formerly mentioned fabulous blow-out once under the sweltering sun.   

The side braid and I are good friends, but after this past weekend and seeing one girlfriend give another girlfriend a fabulous fishtail braid, my latest mission is to master the fresh fishtail.  Bobbi Brown would do as its told and stay in its place, cool down breaks would not result in a coffee-based breakfast, and my tresses would be frizz-free, flat-free, and Fergalicious.

Do you have fresh summer solutions?  Do tell, loves. 
Amber said...

Absolutely. I have retired the blow dryer (until cold temperatures of course) and have resorted to using frizz ease dream curls. My hair has not been straightened in many weeks and probably only twice all summmer! I'll have to send you a picture of my new maintenance free do. xoxo

meg fee said...

my hair isn't long enough for this look. but i still really love the french braided pigtails. youthful, yes, but still acceptable. i think. i hope!

this free bird said...

Thanks Roxy! Now following you...can totally relate from having run away from the corporate world!!

have a great weekend. running out the door to the beach right now!!


this free bird said...

ps- here's my summer hair solution: put it up in a bun and try not to blow dry it too much. i'm a disaster in the hair department. trying to grow it out!! argh :)

Erin Cox said...

i recently discovered the amazing ability of bobby pins. with a good amount of them, you can do a loose, messy, twisty up-do that works great fro the summer. the loose ends can just fall wherever and it looks rolled-out-of-bed pretty!! and it holds like a champ if your hair is a little dirty...

i wish my hair was long enough for that gorgeous braid!!

Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

I'm all for braids and buns this summer! :) Definitely your follower! :)

alison (semi-fab lane) said...

she looks great. i wish my hair was long enough for a fishtail.

bananas. said...

braids and summer go hand in hand. i think fishtails are partly braid and i LOVE the look.

Beckerman Girls said...

I recently spent a whole hour watching youtube and trying to figure out how to do a fishtail braid!!!
Hopefully you had better luck than me!!!
Lots of love n kisses
Beckerman Girls

Elisa said...

I'm missing my long hair, it's not growing fast enough. But I can still manage to put in a ponytail and then in a bun. Until the fall arrives the hair dryer is hidden away.

Enjoy your week!


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