Monday, August 23, 2010

Bright-Eyed and Ready to Go!

This past weekend consisted of delicious dinners out, a fun-filled football tailgate, a mimosa (at least for one of us!) brunch, shopping, a down home birthday luncheon, several movies, and even a little working out.  After two days and two nights of trying to cram in the part of life that doesn't fall under "work," even the best of us can wake up on Monday morning looking like this...
Eva is always gorgeous, but even the super gorge are not excluded from the puffy eye.  And who can blame us puffsters?  48 hours is not much time to re-charge and let loose, and trying to pack it all in can often mean trading zzz's for good times.  My solution?
{For puffy eyes to bright eyes, I mix a dab with creamy concealer}
Bobbi Brown's Hydrating Eye Cream.  For $45 you can trade an hour or two of bedtime for an hour or two of fun!  After all, sleep is the cousin of death, and if you're coming to work too rested than I probably don't want to spend my weekend with you anyways!  What did you do this weekend loves?  Happy Monday!
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