Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Great Escapes |Top 10 Pantone Colors Designers used for Spring 2011

Pantone announced the Top 10 colors designers used in their Spring 2011 collections.  The palette?  It takes you to far off places like Peru, Turkey, India, and Africa.  They dub it with one word: "escapism" because who wouldn't want to jet-off to somewhere lush and exotic during a downturn economy and often desperate times?  Since I can't share the collections (duh, they haven't walked the runways yet, and I'm no clairvoyant), I'll showcase one color a day (or every several days if I can't stay on my blogging toes, I've got a showroom to design!) and loads of inspiration to match.

 {Regatta Pantone 14.81% of designers used this color}

"Blues have been gaining momentum with the fashion flock. As a cooling tone, regatta has a calming appeal. 'And I mean, who doesn’t like blue?' Eiseman asked, as proven by its number-two ranking for women and number one for men."
 {See, I told you it makes you want to get away!}

{And if you can't quite get away, who says you can't paint sporadic places around your house}
 {Or for that matter, who says you can't paint your whole house}

{If not your house, perhaps your garden}

{And if you can't afford to do any of the above, just resort to a little imagination ;)}

erica said...

We discussed this at work last week and its so true. Design is becoming cliche... but I love the color trends!


PearlsAndGreenTea said...

Love the luscious, bright blue hydrangeas!

I don't usually go back this often but my sister just had a baby and I just have to meet him!


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