Monday, September 20, 2010

How Many Sleeps?

So right now because of THE house, the entire house I must decorate in t minus 2 days, the house that is unfurnished so I should "just imagine" the furniture in order to buy coordinating accessories, the house where, "oh yea, there will be a toilet there tomorrow, maybe," I feel like this...

 {I don't care if you have to climb that damn ladder, my cocktail glass, sir!}

After a crazy, unorganized day of not a soul knowing what's going on -think Dumb and Dumber when they finally get to Colorado and Harry realizes that Lloyds comprehension of Mary's last name is at best Samsonite- I'm physically and mentally pooped.  

 {"Slimmon... Sommen... Simmon... So... Swenson... Swanson?"}

My light at the end of the tunnel?
 {How many more sleeps until you get here, Auntie Woxy?}

You see, at the end of the week, I'm leaving on a jet plane to a place that makes my heart skip a beat for many reasons like the one above.  Now if I can just get through, "Oh yeah, Samsonite!! I was way OFF!"

p.s. I promise I'll recap my weekend soon- it was quite fabulous- and get back to my daily reads!  Hope y'all had an excellent Monday!  

Ciao my dears, Roxy
TBM said...

That's a mighty tall bed!

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