Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Love Letter {Dear Fall,}

Dearest Fall, 

I know you're still unable to visit, but I've been anxiously awaiting your arrival as you know you are my favorite.  I can barely wait to feel your briskness against my cheeks and to see your rich, saturated hues intoxicate everything within their reach.  Please stay longer than usual as winter is not quite as pleasant you.  


p.s. Don't forget to bring as many pumpkins as possible as you know they are beyond My Cup of Te :)

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the chirpy bird said...

Love this! LA is fall for almost 6 months... YAY!
xo tash

meg fee said...

oh how i adore fall! i cannot wait to get back to ny and enjoy it. (and trader joe's chili? really? i'm gonna have to try).

Sarah J said...

pumpkins always remind me of you! i'm sure your blog world will soon know of your pumpkin obsession :)

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