Monday, September 6, 2010

Weekend Recap {Marc Jacobs loves me and I climbed a mountain}

As I neared the end of trail number 2, to which I reluctantly agreed, (hello, A?! I just pulled a cliff hanger Sly style) my weak (think bambi) legs began to take over my brain.

If you really want me to keep going there better be a present at the top of this mountain.  A good one. Think fashion.  Or food.

You see this is how MY brain works.  And after a lot of this...
{Super excited for silly photo opps. then sweating bullets and actually having to man up}

I somehow managed to check something so very FAR from My Cup of Te off my list...
 {I climbed to the top of "here," ate a tofurky sandwich, a Kashi 7 whole grain bar, and declared myself granola for a day}

For a girl who 1) would rather prance around the concrete jungle in stilettos, 2) is instantly nauseated by the sight of MUD,  3) is allergic to everything on God's green earth, and 4) whose idea of roughing it is a beautiful log cabin complete with wrap around deck, fireplace, and hot tub- I say, not too shabby!

Although there was neither food, of the prize-winning variety (just tofurky, bleh), nor fashion of any type, I still felt triumphant..
 {I throw my hands up in the air sometimes}

Little did I know the fashion (triumphance came TWICE today!) was to come just a little bit later in the form of this...
 {hello there, marc, it sure is good to be back in the city!  the marc by marc jacobs house of cards court harem ring}

Thanks Mayra for not only hosting such a fabulous giveaway, but for making me laugh with every post AND for knowing Marc is my absolute favorite.  You, your blog, and my new ring are "bananas!"
Did you check any "firsts" off your list over the long weekend?  Stay tuned for the rest of my weekend recap. Cheers, loves!
Roxy Te said...

haha heels?! Good Lord no! I'm too much of a spaz as it is! I made it the whole way scaling mountains and rocks (basically being outdoorsy for once) and twisted my ankle at the very the parking lot hahah And yes, there was chocolate stuffed in my bag ;)

Valerie said...

Wow, I'm so impressed! Congratulations on such a huge accomplishment.


jenn from midlife modern said...

Way to go! We were going to go hiking, but I forgot to bring my boots (or even sneakers for that matter). You must have felt awesome afterward!

Anonymous said...

thanks for checking out my blog. I adore Marc Jacobs too! The ring is too cute :)

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