Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy (Halloween) Friday!

{My Cup of Te! (Let's be serious, black coffee to be exact) At Andrew's Coffee Shop, an old breakfast haunt, a stone's throw away from my dorm on William Street!} 

Hi darlings! Who's ready for the weekend? I know I am! You can bet your lucky dollar I'll be throwing my hands up in the air and flyin' like a G6...all Hallow's Eve style. Mwahahah Well honestly I don't exactly have a costume planned out, but that's nothing a drink and shoppin' the closet won't fix, right? If you can't tell, I'm in desperate need of letting it all hang out (I never really liked that phrase, but it seems to fit) as in keep 'em coming bartender. I made a lot of tough, tears in tow decisions this week, okay enough with the dramatics, maybe just one, but I'm banking on it...while I gather my marbles, here are several posts that are definitely My Cup of Te! Cheers to Halloween loves!

Not what you think

A New York State of mind aka my everyday state of mind

The cutest idea ever!

I miss feeling like this

Red-rum! I just peed myself.

"Quick work on the calculator reveals that Cruise's $6K Halloween costume would equate to $11.07 in average-American terms So if she shows up on your doorstep on October 31st, make sure to throw an extra Snickers bar into her sack"

It's a revolution, baby

Speaking of babies, I will attend a baby shower with hard cocktail in hand and one of these

Would you spend $1300 on this? I'd have to opt for the Trader Joe's .99 bag or the monogram.

When I was younger, my brothers and I would sneak out of their bedroom window and on to the roof to look at these

You tell me, I'll cook it

Tie the white gown ness

Man Up

I'd trade (jk, I want both) my Kate Spade China for this

Mushroom and Blue Cheese risotto..can you say comfort?

I want this tank
Kayla said...

Thanks for all the links! I'll be checking them out.

Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

jenn from midlife modern said...

Thanks for linking, girl! Also, was this picture taken at the Andrews Coffee Shop on John Street? If so, that is totally my office building! PS: Sadly it closed about 2 months ago:(

Vær våken said...

Happy weekend to you! Hope you get a great one!

Kristin :)

Gorgeous Glam said...

Happy weekend! Hope it's spooky! xoxo

Roxy Te said...

Have a lovely weekend as well loves :)

Melissa said...

Your blog somehow disappeared from my blogroll! I'm just glad I noticed it and was able to find you again. Hope you're having a great weekend!

Heart Charlie said...

Happy Halloween, can't wait to check out your link ;)

Margaret said...

Just came across your blog, it's beautiful!
New follower : )

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