Friday, December 23, 2011

Cafe Cluny

Last night my dearest cousin Anna came over for cocktails! I had run to the store earlier that day to pick up some Grey Goose because as I say, "This is not college, I do not have two days to recover." Solid justification for top shelf, right? ;)

I live on the west side around the Hell's Kitchen neighb so we hopped the subway straight for the West Village for our dinner date at Cafe Cluny which is nestled in the darling cobblestone corner of West 4th and West 12th. We had so much catching up to do that we missed our stop, but we didn't mind having to do a little more walking...and a little more talking. Besides, the West Village is my fave for walkabouts especially when you're in the best company!
Our seats weren't ready so we settled in at the bar for another drink (surprise) and Anna beat me to ordering my go-to, gin and tonic! It was my first time at Cafe Cluny and I after taking in the quaint, warmly lit dining space, I noticed that the entire staff wore stripes. Love a good stripe!
I rarely eat meat so I opted for seafood and ordered the pan roasted organic salmon. It came with local turnips, roasted butternut squash, roasted mushrooms, and risotto. Incredibly good and cooked to perfection!
We shared the octopus, I think it was grilled? It disappeared so fast that I don't have much of a description to offer up except- mmm!
Ann ordered the Cluny hamburger and as usual if there is a fry on the table, I have to steal one. Everything was delicious. NY Mag calls it American-French panache.
It was one of those lovely, leisurely dinners with lots of talk of fond memories and excitedly making plans now that we are basically neighbors-- we've always lived several states apart! The check came with sweet treats, the richest morsels of dark chocolate and the Mr. who was finally able to join us after being stuck late at work!
We ended the night with a few more cocktails (lush, who?) at White Horse Tavern, a pub I used to frequent while still in grad school. Not much has changed about it, the pub and my love for NYC. It's really great to be back :)

Well darlings, I'm signing off for a few to enjoy the holiday! I hope you liked coming along on my little dinner date! There will be much more to come. For now, if you are celebrating, I hope your holiday season is filled with loved ones and many blessings!
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Sounds like a delicious restaurant! Love all the pics- you look great dear!



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