Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It may seem as if I'm planning to get pregnant...

...but honestly it's just that I don't discriminate. A cute outfit is a cute outfit, whether it's a boutique in bfe (pardon) or Barney's, and yesterday night I found myself shopping on Hatch.  A website describing its pieces as "wardrobe essentials cool and busy women can truly wear before, during, and after pregnancy." I'm totally down! Now all I need is $556 for that crazy chic jumper and casual cool tank dress.   Investment pieces for when one day, even if a better part of a decade from now, I might actually be planning to get pregs. Right? Right!
mk square studio said...

I hear you about the cute outfits. Hatch definitely has some great pieces!!! Maybe invest in one outfit right now and see how it goes. Definitely will be adding them to my wish list!!!


Julip Made said...

Although that jumper is definitely adorable, the thought of buying maternity clothes at this stage in my life completely freaks me out. Maybe in a few years!

allergic to vanilla said...

If that is how chic pregger ladies look, sign me up!! I want a jumper like that, too!

xo carlina

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