Monday, June 25, 2012

Crostini Combinations

I love when I stumble upon new-to-me blogs that inspire me to take my reading to reality. Erin's pea shoot and radish crostini had me fighting to cross 5th Ave during the pride parade just to snatch up my favorite ricotta. (It took me to 15 mins to cross. Surriously?!)
I also bought whole wheat baguette, micro greens, the best  brand of tomatoes I've ever had, lemon for zest, basil, and prosciutto then proceeded to have the easiest, lightest summer supper. Add wine of course ;) 
Tip: The possibilities are truly endless with crostini. As long as you have baguette for the base, and in my opinion really good olive oil, you can often whip it up without running to the store. Experiment with combinations of veggies, cheese, Italian meats, jams, and fruit. Here are 10 easy recipes to try and my version here!

{Photography via Reading My Tea Leaves}
Julia D. said...

This looks absolutely delicious! So fresh, light, and summery!

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