Friday, February 15, 2013

28 Days of Things I Love: Ranunculus

Last month we somehow packed an entire photo shoot into our 400 square foot apartment. Furniture was in the bathtub, literally...

...beds were overturned, unnecessary paraphernalia was pushed to the perimeters of the room, and most pleasantly there was an entire garden sprouting from our bathroom. From the amazing array of flower district loot (and there was a lot of it-- maiden's hair ferns, peonies, lilacs, pistachio colored something or others, oregano even), these ranunculus were my favorites.
Cheerful, unruly, just sopping with the most saturated, vibrant colors, and they lasted almost two whole weeks. Take that corner bodega hydrangeas that last three days! These are definitely the new go-to around here. Do you have a favorite bloom?
Here's Alan crammed into the one free corner amongst all the lighting props.:) We can't wait to share pictures soon! Happy weekending y'all!

p.s. If you tend to kill things like me (oops), I really think these tips on how to keep your bouquets alive longer will seriously help you not to be a plant murderer. I've never thought to change vessels every few days!
Jessie said...

Roxy! I cannot wait to see the pictures. Keep us posted.

Quiana said...

Gorgeous and thanks for the tips too! I also love peonies - very similar with their fluffiness. I enjoy going to the Brooklyn botanical garden to see everything in bloom. Can't wait for spring!

meghan silva said...

Beautiful flowers cant wait to see the shoot :)

xo Meg

Julia D. said...

Beautiful. I'm a particular fan of lillies, tulips, and daisies, but I just love flowers in general.

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