Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Chain Mail! Q & A

My friend Sarah who I'm so thankful to know as a fellow blogger and real life friend tagged me in a fun Q&A...I got entirely too excited. I love how these little questionnaires shed a little light on the girls behind my favorite blogs. Here are my answers to Sarah's questions:

1. What's the most played song in your music library?
(Lifetime. Be honest.)
It would be a close call between anything by the Backstreet Boys  (I am not ashamed) and Alicia Keys "This Girl is on Fire." She's my hype girl when I'm feeling scared, down, or need any kind of courage/encouragement. 

2. What is your favorite thing about your current occupation or job?
I love seeing my designs in real homes and it's even better when customers send me sweet notes! Ashley was my very first customer and recently posted this pic of the very first Sedgewick bar cart to go out into the world in her living room!

3. City or country?
City! The energy here in New York is unstoppable. "These streets will make you feel brand new, big lights will inspire you."

4. What is your coping mechanism after a really bad day?
I can drink a whole bottle of wine in one sitting. But if the day is bad but not that bad, and I don't feel paralyzed with anxiety, I like to kickbox it out. My weighted gloves make me feel like I can kick ass ;)

5. Favorite item in your closet right now? (Pictures welcome.)
A really simple, basic sweater from Zara (above)-- it's a cotton silk blend which makes it super comfy and it goes great with everything. Denim, skirts, and black cigarette pants for an Audrey look. It's so classic that I bought it in grey, too.

6. Skill or craft you still want to work on?
I minored in French in college and studied abroad along the Cote d'Azur. I can squeak a little bit out now, but I would love to take classes again and get back to where my language skills used to be.

7. What is your most precious keepsake?
My mom and dad had a bench custom made for our Catholic wedding since there is a lot of kneeling, sitting, standing. It's since been used at their 30 year vow renewal and my brother's wedding. All our names and dates are hand-carved into the side. It's such a special piece that I hope is treasured in our family for generations to come. You can see it here-- scroll!

8. What's at the very tip top of your holiday wish list this year?
This is terrible...I am at a total loss! If I have to name something, Inslee just scooped up one of the last Mansur Gavriel bucket bags in all of Manhattan (cue the frenzy), and trust me when I say it is stunning. Pictures do not do it justice-- impeccable Italian craftsmanship and rich, buttery leather that is going to age so elegantly overtime.

9. What's your favorite spot in the town/city/state you live in?
Alan and I love dining in the West Village. The restaurants are quaint and candle lit and then after dinner you can take a slow walkabout the cobblestone streets. I wrote about one of our favorite West Village restaurants here.

Now for my turn, I'm tagging Inslee, Amy, Lindsey, and to mix it up my brother Lawrence and (SS photographer!) who is probably going to kill me :). If you want to participate, I would love to see your answers in the comments, too!

1. Favorite quote?
2. What are you most thankful for today?
3. Any adventure in world...where would it be? What would you do?
4. In my next life I am going to be a famous singer, obviously (and possibly Beyonce status), what about you?
5. Favorite holiday recipe that you think everyone should serve?
6. Secret small joy? 
7. One item on your bucket list?
8. Girl crush?
9. Boy crush?
Plum Pretty Sugar said...

Oh how wonderful! We loved learning more about your lovely self!


Ashley said...

This is great, Roxy! I love a good Q&A!

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