Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Away Message: "DK all Day"

I've been shamefully delinquent in keeping up with F.W. Fall 2010, and decided it was time to browse the looks when I saw this post at Habitually Chic!

Having moved away from the big city prematurely, (aka I cried my eyes out in the yellow cab as it crossed the Brooklyn Bridge, the city skyline disappearing in the background signifying the closing of a chapter in my life that I didn't want closed) I seem to romanticize, if you couldn't tell by my account of moving day, all things related to my time on that lovely little island.

Whether I'm a fashion fan that season or not, Donna Karan will forever be a name that conjures up a bit of nostalgia. I'm sure there were days that were downright miserable, but the good thing about time is that it erases all those day to day annoyances so all that's left is the best of the best! So as I reminisce and ridiculously romanticize fighting against tourists while running back and forth in too high heels from merchandising to PR, a male model packed (crazy long) day in the showroom, an overly crowded subway ride on the 2 to Fashion Ave., and so on and so forth, I hope you enjoy some of my favorite looks from DK's Fall 2010 Runway :)

My faves: draping details, plunging necklines, away from the body (forgiving) silhouettes, evening gloves.

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Raptor Plateado said...

i like this post, and you blog!!! nice to me you!!!!

Roxy Te said...

Thanks so much for stopping by :)

lawrence said...

haha..thats what i see when i walk down the streets of Seoul

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