Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lip Lush

I was never a lipstick girl, my go-to's were sheer glosses and carmex, UNTIL I got bored one day and paid Sephora a visit. I always have the best time playing in Sephora paradise, and as I get older, I get bolder and more adventurous with my make-up purchases, which means experimenting with lipstick! Last summer I was addicted to the hot pink lip, and achieved my shocking pink pucker with Nars Semi-matte lipstick in Schiap, a fabulous tribute to Italian fashion designer Elsa Schiaparrelli whose signature lip was this bold "Schiap" pink.

As the weather cooled so did my obsession with hot pink, and it was time to experiment with red! Red has always been a color I can wear with ease, and it wasn't any different when applied to my lips, literally! Once again I turned to Nars, but this time I tried the velvet matte lip pencil in Dragon Lady, the name alone sounds sultry, and that it was so- sultry success!

With Spring around the corner and flowers starting to bloom so does my love for bubble gum pink- think pastel! It didn't take long after walking through the entrance of Sephora before I found my perfect lip match! Trusty Nars came through again with the perfect pastel lip fix with its ode to Audrey Hepburn- sheer lipstick in Roman Holiday! So excited to sport my new purch!

Do you have a lipstick fave? Please share! My next purchase, which I have already picked out of course, is Nars Barbarella, a sheer peach lipstick (that was so all over J. Crew's Spring Ad Campaign) all depends on how long I can stay away from Sephora ;)
chels said...

Does roman holiday look like the 1st pics under roman holiday ???

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