Thursday, February 4, 2010

Oh, Hermes!

Last night my husband surprised me :) with Broadway tickets to the musical, Spring Awakening, that is on tour and here in Charlotte for a few days. I will save my enthusiastic ravings on the show for another post due to the fact that musicals are definitely My Cup of Te, and I could easily get carried away writing about the deats! What I want to share with you today is this beautiful Hermes ad that I stumbled upon as I was excitedly flipping through the playbill. Despite my anticipation for the show, I was momentarily distracted by the thought of lounging atop piles and piles of fabulous Hermes scarves. Drifting through my thoughts, I thought of my mom who has always wanted an Hermes scarf, and who also found it in a beautiful signature orange gift box under our Christmas tree a few years ago. It was a gorgeous orange Chinoiserie print on luxe silk twill, (I can't exactly say I didn't pick it out myself haha, sorry Dad!) and it would be one Hermes scarf closer to achieving the obvious bliss of model Karlie Kloss.
p.s. Mom, if you can't find your scarf the next time you go looking for it, I swear I didn't take it, and I promise to give it back very soon ;)
BLISS...( that is one lucky 17 year old!)

"Tours de Cles" Silk Twill, vintage-style collection. Yes, please :)
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