Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Picture Frame Collages II

As promised I'm finally sharing my picture frame collage with you today! But before I do that I found a few more vignettes that I thought might add to your inspiration! Enjoy :)

Mix it up! Not everything has to come in a frame!

If you've got the space and the artwork, this
wide layout can become the focal point of your room!

Who said your collage had to be limited to one wall? Lay it out there!

Less is more! (Major crush on that "sofette")
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And now for the revealing (ha!), I did my best! Please excuse the mess...I have a problem with books.
This is probably too much information, but I had so much fun picking out the pictures and artwork I can't help but to share...

(Left to Right, Top to Bottom)
1. Day after photo shoot in a pumpkin patch!
2. A picture of our family island in the tropics. We were pulling away on the boat after a fantastic day of swimming and lunching on fresh seafood, the kind that was swimming 20 minutes before it lands on your plate- i die. A monsoon had washed the pier away.
3. One of the most perfect beach days at Ocean Isle Beach with best friends
4. "My Cup of Te" A project I did for my color theory class at Parsons
5. A magazine tear I've had for years: "How do we travel? With passports in our pockets and tricks up our sleeves!"
6. A mood board I put together for another class- inspired by LOVE!
7. A collage I made with an old sepia-toned photo of my mom and dad on their wedding day and a similar photo of the Mr. and I
8. A vivid Fall day in Astoria- My shadow! Walking through golden leaves on my way to Taverna Kyclades for the best Greek food ever!
9. Makai Te - Our family's handsome Alaskan malamute
10. Old W Magazine tear of a young girl experimenting with lipstick- Mirror reads (in lipstick of course) "Will try anything once" ;)
11. I rarely catch a genuine smile of the hub on camera - I guess it takes bike riding at the beach to coax it out!
12. An original wedding present - "Owens" spelled out of photos of everyday objects
13. A picture I took last Fall of my old street in the Financial District "William"
14. Card by KOCO ,one of my fave greeting card brands, that I gave to Alan on our 1st anniversary
15. Old postcards I found that I sent home from my summer abroad in France! Written from inside the Louvre and in French!

phew....I hope this helps someone out there! Now it's your turn- I'd love for you to share your picture collages :)
Amber said...

Love the wall. Patrick will be so jealous because he has been wanting to do that. We did a mini wall with surfing pictures, but nothing like you have. Maybe he can convince me to create one in our new home now ;)

Less than 2 days :)!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so wanting to do this in our upstairs room, but Will is not liking the idea. So now I'm looking for a compromise. Love it!

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