Monday, March 1, 2010

One step closer to Spring. Welcome it with a bow!

Fresh Kate Spade Ad- I believe she sees Spring right around the corner!

It's a fresh month, and we're one step closer to Spring so I think I'll start it out in a fresh way- what's more uplifting than wrapping your head up like a huge present! ;)

Always adore DVF.
Bows at Marc!

Bows don't always have to be sweet..
but then again...
Leave it to Gaga to take it to the next level!

Ok, these looks are a little more realistic...

OR, you could just go for it, birthday girl or not ;)
Amber said...

Who is that hot birthday girl with the big red bow?!

Roxy Te said...

So obnoxious, right?! haha

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