Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Shout out!!

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So I stumbled upon this wedding photo, and almost died because I know of a specific sister friend who would die for a photo opp like this. As a child, her older brother teased her for supposedly having a long neck (I don't see it, I don't care what you say!) and hence nicknamed her La Giraffe. With age comes maturity, although this can be argued, and her and her brother who still poke at each other in good spirits, are able to joke about this childhood point of contention! Actually the nickname has almost turned into a term of endearment- her blog is called the Blonde Giraffe!!

S, shall I hire a giraffe from the Lazy 5 Ranch to make an appearance on August 7th? We will keep him a safe distance away from your drop dead gorge gown ;)

thais said...

what a funny story and great picture - love the colors, and the giraffe cute face :)

ashlina {the decorista} said...

great story....and cute photo!!!!


Sarah J said...

awwww i love it friend!!! thanks for the shout out!!

Unknown said...

Oh Roxy, I just read your "about me" I hope that you're really discovering so many pieces of goodness again. It hurts so much when you loose pieces of you. Yay to your husband for being a hydrologist - I love water and dynamics and all that (very geeky).

Anyway, these pictures are to die for! The photographer I think made T shirts to match? I think I saw the images on a cup of jo. Not sure. But they're awesome. I'll check out your link too!

Thanks for sharing


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