Monday, March 22, 2010

So Necessary: Dabney Lee Ice Bucket

Discovered over at...
1. I know it's a little early in the week to feature a picture that includes alcoholic beverages, but just for good measure I'll have you know, for the sake of my liver and my mom's sanity, I try to lay off the happy hour until at the very earliest Thursday. Ok seriously, maybe Wednesday ;) I swear!
2. A quick fyi, I love an ice cold beer, but My Cup of Te really includes vodka cocktails, patron on the rocks (because you just don't water down anything of that quality and taste!), and last, but far from the least, the classic mojito.

So with that out of the way, how necessary is that monogrammed ice bucket from Dabney Lee?! My bar cart is in dire need of accessorizing, and I've been eye-ing several items, including this pretty, pretty tray I just bought from CnB. The coordinating ice bucket and wine cooler would set me back approx 1 Benjamin, and frankly I cannot afford that!! And although I'm dying to buy it, the personalized DB version is probably not the smartest decision either. *sighhh*

I need something a bit more cost effective! Do you have any suggestion my loves? In the meantime, I will be strong and try to refrain myself from the aforementioned goodies, but I'm not sure how my will power will hold up at happy hour later this week!
Cheers loves!!
**Mother dearest, if you're reading, I promise I'm not cheers-ing tonight ;)
Sniff said...

1. The tray was gorgeous!
2. CnB ships internationally! Hurrah! Soooooooo many lovely things...I can hear my piggy bank squealing in utter horror.
3. Mojitos (and ice cold Coronas) are to die for.

Cheers! :D

Anonymous said...

You could probably make your own version of that one with some chalkboard paint.

debra@dustjacket said...

Oh too funny, you sound like me...promise I'll not start toooo 4.55pm okay or does it have to be 5pm for the start of happy hour.

Amy said...

oh too funny.. i have blogged about dabney lee too.. i sell it on my website and i, myself, would love to indulge in some of her goodies, but am holding out to see if they go on sale.. i will let you know if they do!! p.s. love your blog! discovered it through passport in my pocket.

Lorraine Te said...

as i said before, "be nice to your liver"

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