Friday, March 12, 2010

Une table pour trois personnes, s'il vous plait!

C'est vendredi et ce matin, je suis tres excitee parce que...

Je vais monter a velo au petit dejeuner avec mes amis!

Et je vais garder mon petit neveu pour le weekend!

French Friday! I'm currently trying to brush up on my French so sometimes I think en Francais! A minor in college and a summer on the French Riviera, and I'm sadly losing it :( I will not go without a fight!! Bear with me...corrections are more than welcome ;)
Bisous bisous,

beauty comma said...

i've tried to brush up my french too now that bf is working in france. it's incredible how much you forget, isn't it? so no corrections from me =)

thank you for leaving a comment on my journal - lyon looked very nice but i'm sure the riviera was fantastic!

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