Thursday, April 1, 2010

Food Adventures: Roasted Red Pepper and Parm Pitas and Grilled Peaches

My plate before I cleaned it!!

So last night per usual, I had a fabulous dinner with my girls- Mediterranean themed! Kristin hosted this time, and since it was a ridiculous 76 degrees yesterday, we decided on a grill out! I packed up my little H. Chapelier, yes camo and pink, and we all toted our goodies to the fountain/pond area in her complex!

Once the grill was fired up, we took a moment to catch up over delicious sparkling pinot grigio with hints of apple and pear! K and I, since we're sisters, just happened to buy the same brand so we had plenty to go around!
**Check out my cool new ice bucket/wine cooler from Meg 'n' Mike!!! :) Presents for no apparent reason make me feel special!!! OH, and yes, we snuck some ice cream in for dessert!

Meg found an app. recipe, Roasted Red Pepper and Parm pitas, that she wasn't sure she'd have time to make after work so I volunteered to buy the ingredients and help her out! Super easy and super tasty!! Saute the peppers with garlic, brush the pitas with olive oil, paprika, oregano, s & p. Broil. Add the sauteed peppers and tons of parm half way through and voila!!! mmm

While we lingered over our pitas, Leah manned the grill with her delicious chicken and shrimp kabobs! The chicken was marinated in yogurt and exotic tasting spices like cumin and turmeric plus staples like poultry season and s&p.

Kristin whipped up the most perfect side for our shiskers! Cucumber, tomato, red onions, feta, and yummy olives from the Harris Teeter's olive bar- like I said the most perfect complement!
I was originally going to make Giada's strawberry and peach crumble, but seeing as we wanted to go light, I went straight for grilled peaches! I don't believe in restricting yourself all too much, let's be serious I'm guilty of being overly self indulgent at times ;), so I added a small dollop of the most intoxicating vanilla bean ice cream by Starbucks! To top it all off I toasted some almonds on the grill! Scrumptious and not too guilt inducing!

Dessert breakdown!
1. Toss 4 halved peaches in brown sugar and pure vanilla extract.

2. Grill for 3 minutes on the skin side and 1 to 2 minutes on raw side or until desired grill marks are reached! The grill really brings out the natural sweetness that is also enriched by the vanilla and brown sugar mmm :)

3. The recipe called for toasted almonds, but since we were outside I threw my chopped almonds on the grill instead of running up three flights of stairs to the oven! You may call it lazy, but I call it resourceful!! I felt so Bobby Flay, and they turned out perfectly!

Dinner was a ridiculously delectable success, and we had the best time working together and catching up!! Before heading home happy and satisfied, Kristin surprised us with Easter goodies! Who couldn't use a chocolate rabbit? Too sweet- literally!
Hope your girlfriends are as fabulous as mine! ;)
Til next time darlings!!
p.s. No photo creds! HA! I finally took my own!
Jodi Kendall said...

oh yum. these photos are making me hungry. those grilled peaches look amazing!

lawrence said...

pitas and shiskers look amazing. great pictures by the way. good work.

Sarah J said...

ok so i just teared up reading this :( i miss y'all soooooo much!!!

Roxy Te said...

Everything was amazing! And I'm surprised I was able to catch it on the fickle D40 ;) S, we missed you and thought about you a lot! I drove by your old road and had a little moment...I almost drove to your old place just to say hi haha

Unknown said...

i am so totally jealous!xx

Sniff said...

Wow, this looks like a fantastic dinner! I'm adding a grill to my wishlist for spring. YUM!

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