Wednesday, April 21, 2010

High Point Highlights: Wood Wonderful

I do so love dining al fresco, but in the midst of allergy season, Donna Karan's woodsy tablescape is not too shabby of a substitute!

With the cover of this month's House Beautiful (not to mention wood glossary, wood history, wood wonderful rooms, wooden kitchen tools, and the featured above) still fresh on my mind...

and the woodsy turn that my sick obsession with shoes has taken...'s really no surprise that I was drawn to the au naturale during my latest walk through IHFC (no, nobody was running around naked, at least not in that building and not at 2pm in the afternoon).

The company,Palecek, initially caught my eye because of the sheer size of their showroom (it's massive!), but it wasn't long before I started picking out all the natural pieces scattered throughout their space. This company was founded by a man who was drawn to native, woven handicrafts during his stint in the Vietnam War, and Palecek boasts itself on not only innovative design, but on using natural, sustainable materials. Yay for going green!

Once again, since my parents are exhibitors, and I could not finagle a press pass, I had to resort to finding pictures around the web, and thus they are neither the latest nor the most stylish, but at least you get the idea of a possible trend! **My faves are the twig and branch lamps!
On a budget? Palecek is actually currently featured on!

Note: I really wanted to feature Artesia as I loved their showroom, but I could not find any pictures that did them justice!

I realize I'm setting myself up for a dirty joke, but I have to ask- How do you like your wood lovies? (stay with me) Restored? Reclaimed? Washed? White? Tinted?

I much prefer mine distressed to give it a familiar, antique feel and then of course stylishly mix matched with different medias!
thais said...

oh! wood.. can you ever get tired of it?

Unknown said...

Even without the photos, I can totally get the trends you are reporting on...thanks for the inside scoop! And your tweets are hilarious, will have to follow!

Sniff said...

I'm totally with you on the wood. Distressed all the way! I saw so many beautiful things in New York, and I so wish I could have taken some of them with me home. But at least Pottery Barn told me they ship some of their stuff overseas.

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