Monday, April 12, 2010

In My Cup of Te: the Carolina Coast

I realize you may consider this just short of cruel for a Monday morning, but 1) I promised I would share my location for the better part of this week and 2) Sometimes a daydream or two is all you need to get you through a sobering Monday! :)

On the Carolina Coast,
Surfing has nothing to do with a computer and a web address,

Haphazard fences and overgrown brush aren't an eyesore,

Wearing something 10 times the size of your head on your head will not make you the recipient of curious double takes- not bad ones at least ;),

Even tiki torches seem to be smiling,

and your toes too,

Jumping for joy is uncontrollable and often,

If you please, cars and clothes are always optional,

and jewelry too because sometimes in the sand you'll find a sparkle that far out shines that of a diamond,

"She no longer sees the sunrise with sleepy eyes" is applicable,

and even at night it seems the sun is still shining :)

Even if it was brief, I hope that I brought you to your happy place this morning my lovies!
Happy Monday!

Photos taken @ Wrightsville Beach and Ocean Isle, NC

SabinePsynopsis said...

Oh, these pictures make me soooo envious. What a fabulous time!

Blogs said...

Gor-G-eous! I needed that-thanks!

Amber said...

I didn't know you were beaching it this week! I know you already have heard this, but I think it is fun to tell you again... I love all your posts and photos too... even the crazy fabulous trendy ones that I'm not into trying ;)

thais said...

how wonderful! 1. the fence picture is amazing! 2. you look gorgeous on your big hat! 3. what is this sunset? just beautiful ;)

lawrence said...

you're welcome (for some) :)

the NEO-traditionalist said...

Dying of jealous!!! This looks like perfection. You're a lucky girl! xoxox katie

Linda said...

very fantastic photos!!

Roxy Te said...

Although it was nice to read on the beach, I wish you all could have came to play with me! :)

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