Tuesday, May 25, 2010

So Necessary: Calvin Klein Remini Cutaway Platform

For my birthday last year, I received a sick pair of CK booties that added about 4.5 inches to my vertically challenged frame. I get mad compliments every time I wear them, and I'm pretty sure it's not only because they are smokin' hot, but also because they make me feel smokin' hot! Despite the towering height, I swear on all the pennies in my piggy bank that they are the most comfortable pair of platforms I own! They've withstood ALL night dance floor escapades, 8 hour days prancing from showroom to showroom, and I can even run and jump in them- trust me I've tried, I get very excited over silly things. Overall, a fantastic gift from the H, whether I sent him the link or not! ;)

Because of all of the above, I'm dying to purchase a pair of the CK Remini Cutaway Platform. I could use another pair of smokin' hot pumps (what girl wouldn't?) especially when I know they will be worth every pinched penny!!

What's on your wish list as of late? As for me, I think it's time to stop with the wishing and start with the buying!
Gorgeous Glam said...

Oh wow I really love the multi-colored ones! Girl don't we AlWAYS need another pair of smokin' hot shoes! hugs

thais said...

I love the middle one. Brown. Red. Black. It will match everything in your wardrobe. Go for it, girl!

Roxy Te said...

ugh me too! Of course it's the one that's sold out!

bananas. said...

i'm usually not a big CK shoe girl but lately i've been impressed with their styles. not too shabby :)

i agree. stop wishing, start buying and let's do this! haha! i'm a horrible influence if you couldn't tell.

Sniff said...

Ooohh..love the white/beige colored ones.

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