Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Suburbs or Small spaces?

So I come from a small town where being traditional often means settling down in your early twenties,

buying a house (I will spare you the panic that ensued when I first heard the uttering of the word "mortgage") that idealistically sits on a huge manicured lawn,

for which of course the kids can play...

...the kids that you should have as soon as possible if you want to avoid "Are you eating for two?"

Umm, 1) No thanks (I'm having heart palpi's) and 2) What's wrong with being hungry?

Now, I'm not ruling out the above completely, well at least for about 15 more years, but let's just say I've never been the white picket fence type of girl. I much prefer being in the center of a city bursting with diversity and life, and I will quickly trade my car, a lawn, a 3 bedroom house, and anyone's idea of what I should want at this age for a miniature piece of paradise in the city!

Besides, who needs space when it's possible to pack all your essentials into a crazy, cute, and mini (urban!) kitchen like this?

The mirrored backsplash gives the illusion of more space and the custom made family crest built into the hardwoods has huge personality despite the square footage!

The designer, Stephanie Stokes, made sure there was a perfect place for everything from silver to spices!

What do you think loves? Is it the burbs or small spaces for you?

Amber said...

Roxy, you know our kitchen is about that size and it's not in the middle of the city to say the least... remember I had to warn you half way 'down here' that we were getting close haha. xoxo

Arianna Belle said...

What a cute kitchen! :) I can definitely relate to living in tiny spaces!

As a girl in my twenties, I like living in the city b/c that's where all the action is. I do however tend to prefer a relaxed non-hurried way of life and I think I'll eventually end up wanting to move to a town where there's more open space (or is near the beach!) and I can breathe in fresh (non-smogy) air

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