Thursday, July 22, 2010

A little Chocolate Flavored Assistance, Please

First of all, one's sanity should never ride on a cake.

As most inanimate objects, it cannot apologize when it does not pull through or pour you a glass of wine to make up for its shortcomings.

But. It had been that kind of week. A week when a cake can seem like a God-send. A week when you can bring yourself to believe in nothing more than sweet, sugary confections.

So there I was. Spending the better part of my Saturday afternoon scouring the aisles of the supermarket for all the makings of this so-called heaven sent cake.

Sugar, eggs, flour, butter, etc., etc. And a bit of hazelnut liqueur, intended to go straight from bottle to batter, but most of which went from bottle to highball and straight to...

Like I told you, it had been that kind of week.

I tentatively watched the oven. And as the cake batter rose, so did my mood.

(See, you can do something right)

By the time, it was time to frost, the tops of my two layers were evenly shaved, the kitchen near spotless, and my china laid out.

(See, everything is coming together perfectly, just like your life will)

Then, right as I started feeling better, the freshly zested orange zest frosting turned out like this... someone had puked all over my chocolate hazelnut flavored hopes and dreams cake.

I found myself back at square one...

(What. The. Eff.  What a whack frosting recipe)

...taking a bite of my sad little cake and sighing with surprisingly sweet satisfaction. 

(It may not look perfect on the outside, but it sure is damn good).  

Elizabeth said...

But, as my husband says, it's chemically the same.
Personally I go for taste over looks every time!

alison (semi-fab lane) said...

as long as it tasted good! now you've got me wanting chocolate cake too!!

Ms. Pink said...

I'm with ya sista, I am having THAT kind of week too... and I could really go for some cake love.


Amber said...

I see you are at Momma Te's house. Does Alan get to see your beautiful face?... I guess if I don't get to see it often he shouldn't either haha j/k. xoxo

bananas. said...

OMG that does look like puke. gag! bleh!

i'm gonna take your word that thing was good ;)

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