Thursday, August 26, 2010

Food Adventures: Girls Night with Real Food

Last night the girls and I got together with a unified mission to assemble a dinner consisting of REAL FOOD.  No, not the variety that tastes of cardboard.  And not the kind you buy at the toy store.  We're talking un-processed, straight up goodness.
In other words- Nothing out of a box, can, bag, bottle or package that had more than 5 ingredients. 
We caught up over bottles of chilled chardonnay and full-bodied cab.  Vented about life in the uncertain 20-somethings.  (Agreeing the carefree early 20's still win over the grown-up late 20's) And contrary to what you would've thought under the 5 ingredients restriction, feasted on a delicious, wholesome meal!
Just in case you're feeling fresh tonight, here are three recipes from our Real Food Feast: 
{ White Gazpacho.  Refreshing, light and the perfect summer soup}
{Organic Quinoa & Roasted Veggies.  I made some adjustments, but this recipe was my inspiration}
{"1" ingredient Banana Ice Cream. I couldn't find the original recipe so this one is mine!} 
Will you be eating real food tonight?
See here for the blog that inspired it all!
Unknown said...

Homemade banana ice cream, are you serious?! Delish! XX!

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