Tuesday, August 31, 2010

If you are what you drink, I'd want to be art and breaking news from Time Mag.

Hello out there to all my happy hour go-ers, bottle poppin' peeps, beer connoisseurs, and wine chuggers...

There's GOOD news for us after all-
the kind that MOM doesn't want you to know about.  The kind of news that will remind you of those silly (and outrageously "give your kid a real effing vegetable" ludicrous) Chef Boyardee commercials featuring neurotic moms so hell-bent on giving their kids only the most nutritious serving of "vegetables" IN A CAN that they act like pot-banging buffoons.

BUT.  Before both feet end up on the soapbox... feast your eyes on this.
Yes!  My darlings!  This is what BOOZE looks like under a microscope.  Rather beautiful, isn't it?
Did you ever think for 1 second after taking it to the head that there was actual art swimming around in your stomach?

Of course you didn't.  It was more like, I'm a dancing QUEEN and everyone IN DA CLUB should witness my ahh-maze-ing moves.  Or.  Hell, I'm going to ride that there bull and make sexy faces to the camera while I'm doing it.  (Note: I've only done one of the above).

Although pretty, that's not the GOOD news I've come bearing... because who really cares if it's an amazing kaleidoscope of technicolor in your stomach if it's going to make your liver shrivel up and die down the road.

The good news my friends and what Chef Boyardee mom should want us to know...is that us bar top dancers, cab hailers, and yes, I'll start a tabbers actually live longer than our wallflower, sober-sally counter parts. Well, at least Time Magazine says so.

(And Boyardee mom, bang your pot to that and while you're at it spike your kids koolaid.  Maybe it will make them live longer than shoving all those preservatives and sodium down their throats.)

Can I get another round and a CHEERS to that? 

{Above: 1. Tequila 2. Vodka 3. Sake 4. Champagne.  For 8 other alcohol art pieces see here.}
bananas. said...

i heard that today on the radio and i was so STOKED!!! yay for us moderate drinkers! woop woop!!!

and wow beer is so colorful. but wait...were those microscopes drunk or sober? cuz i see colors too when i'm wasted. haha.

this free bird said...

oh boooooooze. i love that you passed out over all your fave designs. that cracked me right up!!



Miranda said...

Those are very cool, now I feel even better about drinking booze! haha

Ms. Emmy N said...

How cool! Those pics are awesome, and I don't feel so bad about the Tequila shots if they are extending my life expectancy!!!

And yes, I do have a couple of friends in NC, so I am going to do my best to get down there for the game...I will def let you know if it works out!! It'd be so great to tailgate w you all!! xo

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