Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Friday!

 {via Rodney Smith}

Good morning loves!  What are your plans this weekend? I've got quite a full agenda planned.  Tonight I'm going to be a guest speaker at a local university!  I'm very flattered I was asked, and I hope I can get everyone as excited as I am about Fall Fashion.  Saturday I'll be attending a baby shower and as ecstatic as I am for the sweet couple, the baby bug is a myth as far as I'm concerned so I will most likely need hard liquor to get me through!!  Sunday our very first official tailgate will take place! Yippee! And I hope to celebrate with a win and a Bloody Mary or two.  Somewhere in between I must find time to shop for furnishings for an entire house (I got my first interior design project yesterday!) that I must decorate in approx 4 days... eek!  On that note, I'm off to find bedding!  Meanwhile, here are some posts that are definitely My Cup of Te...Happy Friday loves!

Clogs or Booties?  I see both, and I die. 

Veggie cocktails never looked so good- tomatillos, jalapenos, fennel , rhubarb, cucumbers, rose petals...mmm

This chic rocked a BLANKET as a skirt and killed it. 

How resourceful is this twiggy DIY?

Why don't you dress up as a ghost and run around the NY Public Library?

A departure from Gaga, and back to earth with Marc, yes please.

Would love to furnish my entire apartment with E.Bauer ...and NO! Def not Eddie!

These are worth the extra spin sesh.

The most powerful colors of the world. 

My "weekend hope."

Why don't you? Dance in the street. 

Mini trend: The fairest of the Fair Isle.
Gorgeous Glam said...

Congrats on the first design job, have fun!!

Jin said...

congrats...sounds super exciting...I would love to see pics of the finished product!

minnja said...

Loooove it :)))

noone said...

congrats, and good luck! hehe I love booties more than clogs

Jamie-Lee Burns said...

I love your Friday posts - you always share such interesting links :)

PearlsAndGreenTea said...

Great links!

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