Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Friday!

{My Cup of Te- Pumpkins!!} 
Hi loves! I've been out of town the past two weeks and finally have a weekend at home to relax.  Besides A's high school reunion that I must attend in an attempt at redemption (let's just say at the first one a much younger someone got drunk and fell down the stairs, sheesh), there is not much else cluttering my agenda save for a spicy malbec and whatever else I please!  While I try to savor every moment, before I have to leave again for another three weeks, here are some posts that are definitely My Cup of Te! Happy Weekend darlings.
She's prob still a B, but I love her fresh new haircut 
LC has a leopard moment that kinda rocks
Move over Ben Bailey, it's Garancé Dore and Louise Roe in the Cash Fash Cab 
Where I had a delicious St.Germain cocktail last week
A Fall fashion must have that I have as of last Friday!
A watch fit for a Yacht Club 
For $10, my next DIY 
An adore mini mustache 
I much prefer a deconstructed chignon, but sleek was the word in Milan 
I wish I could pull this off and isn't her fiery red hair gorgeous?!
A pretty chic planner
Who says you need a kitchen to cook?
Can you determine your style in one picture?
Something my Nikon would be excited about
Kayla said...

I'm loving your links and your blog. I will be your newest follower ASAP!

Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

Alicia Lund said...

um LC's nails are pretty amazing!

Jen said...

I want nails like those!! Hmmm... I'm wondering if my nail girl can do that?? :-)

Jaymie said...

Thanks for the lovely comment my sweet.
it does feel great to have recognition it's just lovely when people say such sweet compliments :)
Jaymie x

bananas. said...

i need me some leopard nails and fast!

hope you had a beautiful weekend lady!

PearlsAndGreenTea said...

Love all your links! Truly Smitten's Sarah is a good friend of mine!

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