Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Friday!


Hi loves! I'm so happy it's Friday. I get to go home today! One of me and A's best, best friends is getting married this weekend.  The same friend- Sorry B I must share- who at the last time we cheers'd it togeth decided to jump into our fountain, after which he completely stripped, and then ran around in tight quarters, inhibition free for what seemed like an eternity.  Anyways, I couldn't be more excited to celebrate with him and our best buddies from college.  On top of that, we're having an another ahh-maze tailgate in honor of a sister friend's birthday and an oldie, but goodie from high school is coming to town! I don't have to work after the party like last time so I can make like Trey and Nicki Minaj.  Have a wonderful weekend my dear lovelies!  But for now, since there are still 8 hours standing, here are some posts that are definitely My Cup of Te!

I like it on the floor. And on the couch. And maybe the kitchen sink depending on my mood.

I adore her, but if I cut my hair like this, I would look like my brother.

OB-SESSED with this coat and apparently so is Blair Waldorf. No wonder Intermix re-ordered this year.

This dude braved a jumpsuit and killed it with a pocket square that Tom Ford would applaud.

"Red-rum! Red-rum!" Meh, I was too preoccupied with the wallpaper to pee myself.

If I ate food made of this all day, I would be super model thin...and possibly dead.

Maybe I should just get my daily serving of veggies?

LC, I know we loved your leopard nails from last week, but you just may have been out done.

I much prefer my pumpkins a fantastic blazing orange, but I guess everyone loses their tan at some point

Speaking of tan, Snooki? Is that you?

Rag and Bone to Phillip Lim, if only I could pull off this Fall trend without looking like a Hit Me Baby One More Time 90's flashback.

And one day, I want the world to look like this.
Melissa said...

Yesss I love the Blair Waldorf coat! Love. Have a great weekend!

christine, just bella said...

Happy Weekend to you!!

Natalie said...

Love your links! Have a great weekend!

PearlsAndGreenTea said...

Great links as usual!

Jin said...

Happy Weekend! Bottoms Up!

Unknown said...

What a cute post! I hope your weekend goes well!

Liesl said...

I simply love posts filled with links and what a lovely blog you have!

Liesl :)

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