Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Key to My Heart

{A hand drawn skeleton key laser cut from vintage picture book covers. Paired with a small manila envelope that reads "to my heart" across the front, a small blank card to write a note, and a little foil heart to seal it- how sweet!}
I've never been big on anniversary gifts, cards, flowers, etc. Where's the excitement in flowers on Valentine's Day? A standard card on an anni or your birthday? I guess I'm saying my enthusiasm over the former depends on the day. As confusing as this may be to those of the other sex, avoid the expected!  Make up your own holiday. Send flowers (hint, hint) on a random Wednesday. Leave a note (like the adore one above) when she least expects it.  In other words, the key to any girl's heart, well at least one of the many (sorry guys, as A felt he needed to remind me last night, we are complicated), is to keep it random!
And on another note, it's been raining all morning and although I would probably look like quite a spectacle, I really could use these Tommy Hilfiger over the knee duck boots.
What's the key to your heart? Happy Hump Day, loves!
{Via A&G Merch}
jenn from midlife modern said...

Agreed. Flowers out of nowhere are much more special than flowers on Valentine's day. I go to bed earlier than my boyfriend, so after I'm asleep, he writes me a letter and leaves it on the kitchen table. When I wake up, I write him a letter back. We do this every night and morning. Nothing fancy, but it warms the old heart!

Anonymous said...

I agree! I love unexpected gifts! (love the bit where you say... as confusing as it may be, though... they're probably scratching their heads and thinking what!? stop changing the rules!)

Islandia Lane said...

I don't know the key to my heart yet... but I know I LOVE that outfit - gosh, I want that skirt!

Melissa said...

Aw, I love unexpected things! Gifts, adventures, fun times... anything spontaneous is the best!

Unknown said...

omg, i love those .t.hilfiger boots!! i went into the store the other day & they have some pretty cute pieces! :)

Natalie said...

Love the skirt + tight + boots combo!

20 YORK STREET said...

Oh, I love it when E would come home and bring me a bunch of my favourite magazine, a moccachino take-away and a bouquet roses!


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