Monday, November 15, 2010

Birthday Countdown Wish List | A Quote close to my Heart. Literally.

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 There are moments
that I know I will long for
even as I live them. 

Wouldn’t this be lovely hanging daintily around your neck? Do you ever have moments like these?  Moments bursting to the brim with life, love, joy? Moments so precious and ethereal that the tighter you try to hold on to them the quicker they slip through your fingers like a dream? Life is fleeting and such is the beauty- to have many of these moments and to remind yourself to be terribly happy at all times.

{Quote by Judith Katzir via}
Natalie said...

So pretty!

this free bird said...

This is a great post Roxy! And I do love the necklace. Sometimes these meaningful pieces make the best gifts (to self, too. hehe)


Unknown said...

what a pretty necklace!!

bananas. said...

i heart little reminders displayed on necklace pendants. too cute!

Anonymous said...

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