Thursday, November 18, 2010

Birthday Countdown Wish List | Sparkly Birthday Shoes

As you all know, I have been shamelessly raving about my birthday since the first of November. I really can't help that I get giddy like a child (you must be thinking a spoiled rotten child at this point) who has just been released in a candy store, strike that, Willy Wonka's candy wonderland when it comes to these things. If displaying my "wish list" to the world were not self absorbed and obnoxious enough, I would now like to put the cherry on top (or candle?) and wish for these oh so sparkly sequins covered Kate Spade pretties ...because in all honestly, it so necessary for a birthday girl to be covered in sequins (well, at least her feet) while she prances around eating cake! Now where's the champagne? :)
Amber said...

I heart you and the sparkly shoes you where. Did I mention before that I'll drink a mimosa for you while watching the tide roll in. Champagne has been a regular thing in the frig lately ;)

Fashion Forward Journal said...

I love the sparkly purple shoes; next year you should make it a birthday month wish list!

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