Friday, November 5, 2010

Birthday Countdown Wishlist | One Tequila Sunrise and a serving of Rocky Road

{Tequila sunrise to your left! And Rocky Road to your right! Wouldn't you need both?!}

I desperately need a Tequila Sunrise and a serving of Rocky Road and by that I mean these gawww-geous statement necklaces by jewelry designer, Irene Jung.  They're a part of another giveaway I've entered (over at Coco + Kelley!) in hopes one will land under my birthday tree!  I'm already imagining how simply glam one of these would look with even a basic tee and boyfriend jeans or how they could add that extra panache to my birthday ensemble!  Not too much to wish for right? After all, I really shouldn't be pouring Patron down my throat before the sun comes up.  Happy Friday darlings!
Amanda said...

Happy early birthday to you too, fellow Scorpio! These are perfect birthday-adornments!! Love! <3

Melissa said...

Happy almost birthday!!! Those necklaces are gorgeous - I love bold, statement necklaces. And the colors are gorgeous! Have a good weekend!!

*** said...

Happy early Birthday! I also entered the giveaway this morning and my favorite necklace was Tequila Sunrise too. I guess we really do have the same thoughts these days.

Have a great weekend!


FEDERICA said...

Just found your blog, and I'm glad I did!
Greetings from Italy,

Anonymous said...

Tequila sunrise all the way!

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