Monday, January 10, 2011


Babe Paley. 1. Fashion Editor at Vogue in the '40's 2. Appeared in America's Best Dressed List in 1945 followed by 13 more times. 3. Married Mortimer, oil heir, then Paley, founder of CBS.
4. It's safe to say the woman had good taste.
"Babe Paley only had one fault; she was perfect; otherwise, she was perfect." ~Truman Capote, writer, Breakfast at Tiffany's

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yasmin said...

I am glad you posted this! This just reminded me of the Edith Head book I wanted to get so bad! She too was fabulous in fashion!! She wasn't very pretty herself though. I bet you'd love her book!

allergic to vanilla said...

foxy roxy...this vision is perfectly glamourous! tre chic xo Carlina

Ash said...

such poise and style! Wouldn't it be grand to be so put together all the time? (totally not implying that you AREN'T put together, but sheesh, this woman is every inch of the word FIERCE!)

Anonymous said...

your #4 caption made me giggle...gosh, to lead such a charmed life!!


20 YORK STREET said...

I look like that everyday! Hah! Dreaming obviously..



thais said...

oh wow! she indeed was a queen. great post and images.

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