Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I bet MacGyver Couldn't Pull This Off

Paper Cup Wreath
Teabag and Glove Garlands
Coffee Filter Pendant (or more likely a more expensive version) on cover of Downtown Chic by Sixx Design

Remember MacGyver from the 80's and early 90's? That silly show in which the secret agent, MacGyver, rigged and resourcefully found his way out of every problem. He basically made miracles out of nothing. Well, my brain works in odd ways, whereas a normal person would probably say, "How clever, creative, and utterly resourceful are those decorations?!" My first thought was "I bet MacGyver couldn't pull that off." Seriously, I think he would be so screwed if he had to appear on Design on a Dime. Just sayin'.
yasmin said...

I love that show!! I love these crafty crafts more!

20 YORK STREET said...

I remember, he was my hero! I was pretty disappointed when my first boyfriend couldn't fix our car with a straw and a pen!



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katie [the bright life] said...

That paper cup wreath is to die for! I didn't even recognize it as paper cups until I read the creative! Xo, Katie

Behind the Lashes said...

Love that wreath!

knack said...

these are so cool! I had to do a double take on the glove garland!

...and mac could not do this....unless of course it has to do with explosives! hee hee!


A Crimson Kiss said...

LOVE the paper cup wreath! So sweet!

Samantha said...

I remember MacGyver very well. And I don't think he would attempt a coffee filter pendant.

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