Thursday, March 24, 2011

To My Daddy

Sweet, right? You should've seen my teary refusal to make right on the investment of months of scuba diving certification. No worries. He pushed me in while I wasn't looking. Hey, sometimes a sense of adventure is only found when forced!

For always holding my hand. Whether on my wedding day, or in chilly depths where I was sure I'd get chomped to pieces by Jaws, and to now in every step of the way as I start to discover just how business savvy I might be able to be :) Happy Birthday! I love love love you to pieces =D
Amber said...

Rox, you are so sweet ;)! Happy birthday daddy Te! miss yall! xoxo

samantha ramage said...

aw, you guys are adorable!


Anonymous said...

such a sweet, sweet tribute :)


The Iconic Blog said...

Can't wait to hear more about your project. Do share!xx


KC said...

you are too cute! happy bday to your pops!

Unknown said...

amazing :) aren't we lucky to have such amazing dadddies??? happy birhtday to him! and a great day tooo you ^.^

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