Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Hour

Having just painted my nails Essie's Lilacism, a spring shade through and through, I can't seem to get the idea of a delicious spring breeze (remember I like to use the word "delicious" as an adjective for things other than food?) out of my head. I can almost smell it- peonies, soft citrus, but most of all lavender! This sparkly wonder by Martha Stewart simply dubbed Lavender Champagne is sure to send you off on a delightful daydream to the fields of Provence or to a cheery meadow scattered with unruly wildflowers! Cheers :)

For the recipe, see Society Social's Vault of Tasty Tipples!

{Via Martha Stewart}
ChinkyGirLMeL said...

oooh I will definitely have to check out the recipe for this. Oh and let's see a picture of your nails! =)

Roxy Te said...

I linked it :) Click on "Essie's Lilacism!"

A Crimson Kiss said...

Now I'm dreaming of Provence-swoon!

Kelly said...

I love lavender - it can classy anything up. Even champagne, the already classy beverage.

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